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Building technology solutions that support your business and drive innovation: that's the LimaCorp advantage. We are a leading developer and integrator of web, database, and systems integration applications that speak to our vision of open-source solutions. Driven by a commitment to obtain real return on investment, LimaCorp harnesses the power of the web to make technology perform for your business.


The eForm Connect application is a workstation-based tool that provides a way to seamlessly produce and distribute forms and form data through secure internet connections.

Simply create your forms with any word processing program and LimaCorp will engineer it into a powerful electronic form. Your customized eForm-Connect package is then downloaded to your workstation(s) and can be connected to the database of your choice. The database can be isolated to one PC, shared within a department or an entire enterprise - even if your enterprise is spread across the globe.

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Do you want to migrate a paper based process to the computer? EForm-Connect can help in the transition.

Are you entering data from paper forms into one or more computer programs? EForm-Connect can eliminate redundant steps in the process.

Are you collaborating with several people in filling out paper forms? EForm-Connect can turn that collaboration into a paper-less, real-time process.

The Strategic Treasury Operational Risk Management System (STORMS), is a graphically based tool that records and manages events that may pose an operational risk to your organization. STORMS will collect invaluable, operational data that, in the long--run, will allow you to conduct data and trend analyses, which then will be used to better identify and understand risk exposures.

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